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  • New Again Houses Franchise® Inaugural Conference was an Astounding Success

    New Again Houses Franchise® Inaugural Annual Conference was an Astounding Success!
    Be a differentiator! New Again Houses franchise owners and partners focused on bringing this to life in their personal and professional lives.
    March 2, 2022
    A few weeks ago, the national house-flipping franchise, New Again Houses®, hosted their Inaugural Annual Conference. It is safe to say that the conference exceeded the expectations of the home office, their partners, and franchise owners alike!
    Franchise Executive Coach, John Wright, saw the need for an in-person conference. This led him to pull together his specialized team and the event within a few short months. The conference consisted of invaluable panel discussions, speakers, activities, and more.
    When asked what the most beneficial aspect taken away from the conference was, the consensus across the board was “networking!”
    “Success came from physically getting everyone together and networking,” says John Wright. “Allowing a space where like-minded individuals could meet one another, learn about, discuss issues, and focus on topics of mutual concern. Relationships were formed that will be long lasting and invaluable not only to themselves, but to the brand as a whole.”
    This year’s theme could not have been more spot on… “Be a differentiator.” There are different reasons that motivate different people. The conference was able to bring all of that together and tie it into one consistent message. Giving people a voice to share with the community.
    New Again Houses Franchise® has protected territories so that franchise owners can engage as a community. Enabling each other to support one another’s success rather than competing.
    Evidence of this was seen in every aspect. Franchise owners shared their tips and tricks while coming up with solutions to common problems. Everyone had something different to bring to the table.
    The energy of the conference was possibly the most surprising part of the event. People were engaging in between sessions and stayed late after scheduled hours of the event every evening to socialize and connect with the New Again Community.
    “The conference is going to be our way of maintaining intimacy in a growing company,” says John. “Gathering together renewed a sense of purpose. It creates community and reminds them that they are a part of something bigger.”
    New Again Houses® is projected to double by next year and triple two years from now. The main objective of the annual conference is to gather franchise owners, partners, and vendors from across the country to network, learn, and create and share ideas that continue to ignite motivation all while nurturing the intimacy that makes them different.
    The most powerful moment of the conference was completely unplanned. Everyone was moved when franchise owner, Derk Cheetwood, asked to say a few words to wrap-up the conference. Derk took the mic and said “Look around you, because this is the smallest we will ever be!”
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