• Title

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Posted: 01/11/2021

    1. Bachelor’s degree with a major in accounting or business administration required.  Advance degree preferred
    2. Certified Public Accountant  (CPA)  or Certified Management Accountant (CMA) strongly preferred
    3. Five years’ experience in the accounting field in a business or school environment required
    4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.
    JOB GOAL  

    To administer the business affairs of the district in such a way as to provide the best possible educational services with the financial resources available.

       1.      Develops and prepares annual budgets that will assist the director of schools in presenting the budget to the Board.
       2.      Supervises and operates an efficient, accurate, and accountable financial operation for the school system within local, state, and federal requirements. Accounting principles include the following:
                a.      Continuous budget control, such as studying revenues in relation to amount anticipated and observing expenditures in terms of budget allocations.
                b.      Preparation of a detailed monthly financial statement including revenues and expenditures.
       3.      Compiles necessary statistical data that will assist the director of schools and the Board in making decisions.
       4.      Examines school activity audits and insures policy or procedure discrepancies are reviewed with each school principal for correction when required.
       5.      Reviews financial activities, procedures, and reports with independent local, state, and federal auditors and ensures changes are implemented when necessary.      
       6.      Assumes responsibility for the safekeeping of all financial records of the school district.                        
       7.      Supervises business office personnel, payroll processes, and related matters.
       8.      Assumes responsibility for preparation of financial reports as required by local, state, and federal agencies having jurisdiction over public school funds.  Such reports include, but are not limited to, unemployment, social security, and federal and state income taxes.
       9.      Deposits all monies received in a timely manner and in accordance with all legal and procedural requirements.
    10.      Maintains permanent, accurate, and individual payroll records for all personnel receiving compensation from any funds under the control of the Board.
    11.      Supervises preparation and distribution of all payroll and accounts payable checks as directed by Board policy.
    12.      Provides necessary leadership to administer the business affairs of the district in such a way as to provide the best educational services with the financial resources available.
    13.      Performs such other duties as may reasonably be prescribed by the director of schools. 

    You must complete the online application available at http://careers.btcs.org to be considered for this position. Emailed resumes will not be accepted. All available job openings are located at http://careers.btcs.org.